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Why? Equity is overcoming the inequalities caused by unequal access to economic resources and power.

Social equity is affordability, accessibility, and availability in the communities that have been marginalized and impacted the most by the war on drugs, policing, and  poverty –   these are the communities that we are speaking about and fighting for when we discuss social equity.

Social equity is crafting policy that takes into consideration racist policies of the past, to right the wrongs of the drug war. Social equity means reinvestment in San Diego’s underserved communities through education, economic growth, resources, infrastructure, and local political power.

Not only have marginalized communities been disproportionately targeted by the war on drugs; they have also been locked out of accessing avenues to generational wealth within the cannabis industry. Social Equity is an opportunity for San Diego legacy communities to thrive economically, and we consider this Social Equity program to be a form of recognition and restitution. Our country and our community have perpetuated unjust systems for too long, and your vote in favor of Agenda Item #4 will create tangible and lasting change in San Diego county.

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I am writing to express my support in favor of Item #4 that would establish common sense cannabis regulations in the county of San Diego. The county must update its policies in order to provide legal, safe, and tested cannabis products to the residents of San Diego County.

I strongly disagree with the decisions of the County in 2017 to ban and place a moratorium on all cannabis businesses. This prohibition has forced patients and consumers to purchase their products from the illicit market. Products sold at these unlicensed locations are unregulated, untested, unsafe, and untaxed. This is particularly true in the rural areas of the county.

Enforcement-only strategies are not-long term solutions for eliminating the illicit market; they must be paired with licensing opportunities so that legal products are available to patients and consumers. Additionally, legal operators have the ability to generate significant tax revenue that is much needed in our current economic climate.

We are calling on the County of San Diego to make the following changes:

  • Repeal the current ban on cannabis outlets in the unincorporated area.
  • Develop a Comprehensive Cannabis Program that will allow for cannabis cultivation, retail, delivery, and ensure the right to access legal, safe, and tested cannabis products.
  • Develop a comprehensive Social Equity Program that rectifies the injustices caused by the failed War On Drugs that disproportionately impacts communities of color. This program will sustain long-term economic growth by providing opportunities for business ownership, employment, and education in San Diego’s marginalized communities.

The development of a legal cannabis market would create a direct path to reinvest tax revenue into our communities, businesses, schools, and infrastructure. As a resident of San Diego County, I urge the board to vote in favor of Item #4, in order to provide safe cannabis access, equitable economic opportunities, and the elimination of the illicit market.