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The vote on licensed cannabis in National City will occur at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, April 6th at 6:00pm.


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RE: Agenda Item 17 – Regulation of Commercial Cannabis

Dear Mayor Sotelo-Solis, Vice Mayor Rodriguez, and Councilmembers Bush, Morrison and Rios,

I am submitting this letter to express my support for cannabis reform that provides access to licensed, tested, and safe cannabis in National City. This includes retail operations, lounges, and all of the other businesses in the cannabis supply chain.

Currently, our residents are forced to choose between traveling to San Diego for licensed cannabis products or visiting the illegal shops already operating in National City that are selling unsafe, untested, and untaxed products to our residents. Rather than allowing licensed cannabis businesses to safely contribute economic opportunities to our city, the current ban creates more negative impacts than it addresses and creates public health and safety issues. For example, illegal cannabis operators do not report criminal activity to the local police for fear of being cited and arrested themselves, and the products they sell are unsafe.

The only way we can improve our current situation is to allow cannabis businesses to operate in National City by adopting common sense cannabis regulations that provide oversight and accountability for all operators and ensure public safety.

In conclusion, thank you for time, and I hope that you will adopt the cannabis ordinance before you today.